Monday, December 12, 2011

Background and reasons

For the first time in my life I have the courage to share my thoughts on my gay adventures in this city.

But first, I felt the need to share a little about myself.

Planning on falling in love with the "one" has been the mission since I was 8 years old. This was silenced by the fact that I grew up in a "Christian" home. Suppressing this amazing feelings for 21 years of my life had me believe that loneliness came to all gay men.

Dating was a thought only after I came out of the closet. Friends and family had no idea I was gay, it took about 6 months to surpass the curiosity stage everyone thought I was living.

Spending time with some candidates in the love arena, I came to grow fond of "Mr." Known as a college student by day, a flirt by night. I experienced a lot of my firsts with him. Clubbing, drinking etc... (Not what you think.)

Learning a few things from "Mr." I decided that friendship was the way to end that love ache.

Filtering the "Mr.s" out of my dating life opened the door for "glee", a fellow college student and lover of musicals. Someone I never saw a future with but his humor and kindness out shined everything else.

I soon had my fun with both "Mr." And "glee". But was quickly swept away by the young strong and witty "Senorito."

I lived a year and a half of bliss with this witty man. Losing my v-card, and experiencing other firsts I never thought would happen. Leading to a discovery where I quickly learned he was a boy pretending to be a man.

After having my heart broken by "Senorito", Spanish for little mister, I decided to hold off on men until I knew I was over this world wind of a man. The problem with that thought is that I never know when that time has actually arrived.

The past year I've had two "relationships" and a couple (or more) hook-ups.

This chapter starts with 3 hook-up over the summer and finally dating again after my birthday.

Working at a school I met a fellow gay man we will call "teacher". Not the typical attraction I would have but his personality had me interested.  3 months of dates and foreplay lead to an inevitable break up among two vers tops.

Leading me to "cha cha" a dancer with a weird weight issue. Although I see many gay men starve themselves to look thin. He was thin starving himself to get even thinner. Leading to an "episode", where I decided not to allow myself to fall into another dependant relationship.

The past 8 months I have enjoyed being single but only slept with one man. A Vegas trip where I surprised myself and went home with a military man. The "soldier" was a fit and sexy man that I assumed was going to try to top. But low and behold I turned the tables yet again and had my way. Best sex ever! At least till the present day.

Thus, this blog is born. Along with my first born nephew.  I find myself looking to a great future full of men, friends, and family.

Out of all of this, I hope you can see that 8 year old boy trying to find that romantic ending to his little gay world.

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