Sunday, July 28, 2013

The boy who waited and the last centurion.

I've been meaning to post a blog for a really long time. I have many drafts but none have made it on to cyber space. Well this one is going to make the cut. It's about this beautiful story of the boy who waited. 

It starts with Little Mr. I know, this sounds like those stories where someone realizes that they lost something they had and they need to redeem themselves in the name of love. This is not the case. But, if it wasn't for Little Mr. I would have never met the boy who waited.

 I refer to him as the boy who waited for two reasons. One, his "Doctor Who" obsession. Which I find endearing. Two, the fact that I did like him then, but I'm not the guy who will ever cheat. So I feel like we carried on with life and waited to reunite. This man has blown many guys from my past out of the water. Although I will not go into details of our past life, I will explain that what ever did happen made the present situation worth all the tribulation and growth we each encountered. 

It was almost 4 years since I saw him last. That part of my life was a whirl wind of different people and many changes

I look forward to developing our reunion..