Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Safety in numbers?

It has come to my attention that std's have hit the Los Angeles area. Based on that I hope that some people benefit from my post.

The unexpected infection of a number of stds is something I have yet to experience. I give thanks to the fact that I have had a low number of partners and I've tried to be safe, when I am sexually active. But does that matter when people aren't being honest?

In spite of not having intimate relations with many people, I figured I have to man up and get tested. I am part  of the lgbt community, which helped me venture into their testing center. A beautiful building with rainbow flags. At the site I saw many beautiful men, the hottest one by my side. Yes! "Epik" came along.

Although it seems at fist glance that its too soon to get tested together, it had actually made me trust him a bit more. To be honest and open about something this personal is eye opening.

The test are scary, when you don't know what they are going to do. Trust that once the ball gets rolling you feel much better. In all honesty, its better to find out you have something and take care of it, than to never know and make your situation difficult.

For all those guys out there who choose to say their partners are loyal and decide to go bareback, please don't. I would be a hypocrite to say I havnt tried it myself. Just know that when you feel like something is going on with your partner outside of your relationahip, strap up or make him strap up before getting intimate.

You can have many partners or just one, STDs never discriminate. Be honest boys have fun, but try not to slip up and get caught up on getting or giving someone something they would not enjoy.

Until the next post! Be safe boys...